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Factory Five Racing

Factory Five Racing Inc. is a Kit-car manufacturer based in Wareham, MA. Founded in 1995 by brothers David and Mark Smith Factory Five Racing (Factory Five or FFR for short) has grown to be the world's number one supplier of cobra replica kits. However FFR currently produces five different component cars

Factory Five 65 Mark III Roadster The world's best selling replica component car. Modeled after the AC Cobra but with modern engineering. The 65 MK III Roadster combines an amazing tube steel chassis with the running gear from a 1987-2004 Ford Mustangs.

Factory Five Challenge Series Similar to the Roadster but eligible to compete in the National FFR-NASA Spec race series

Factory Five Type 65 Coupe Closer to 1965, you can't get. The FFR type 65 Coupe re-creates the passion and engineering of one of the most famous cars of all time.Kit Price: $14,990

Factory Five Spyder GT The The FFR Spyder GT is a true original it combines the great style and handling of a classic GT car with American muscle

Factory Five GTM Factory Five's newest design it's a true mid-engined supercar Based on Corvette C-5 running gear and the Porsche G50 transaxel. Light weight with a tubular steel/aluminum racing chassis and V8 engine. Even with its powerful V8 engine producing upwards of 350 horsepower the GTM still weighs in under 2,200 lbs giving it blistering performance comparable to cars costing more than ten times as much.

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CATEGORIES (articles) > Manufacturers > Kit > Factory Five Racing

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