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CATEGORIES (articles) > Donor Car Information > Chevy donors > Chevy Chevette history

Chevy Chevette history

1976 Chevrolet Chevette and 1974 Cadillac Fleetwood Seventy Five Brougham

The Chevrolet Chevette was Chevrolet's version of GM's worldwide T-car program of the 1970s. The T-car was actually first launched in Brazil under this name in 1974, as a two-door sedan- the Brazilian Chevette line eventually included a hatchback and a station wagon (named Marajó), all two-doors, as well as a pickup (named Chevy 500), and was produced until 1994.

Production of the Chevette in the USA started in late 1975 for the 1976 model year; initially there was a 3-door hatchback with a 1.4 or 1.6 L gasoline engine, and a 4-speed manual transmission. A 3-speed automatic transmission was optional with the 1.6, and "Rallye" or "Woody" option packs could be had, as well as a loss-leader "Scooter" which was a 2-seater with painted instead of chromed bumpers and very basic trim inside and out. The Canadian market also received a Pontiac clone named the Acadian. Very early Chevettes can be identified by a hood that wraps down to the bumper, round headlights and a slightly curved tail with tri-color taillights rimmed in chrome.

Annual changes

  • 1978, Slightly modified grille, a 5-door model on a longer wheelbase was added, the Scooter could be had with a back seat (extra cost), and the 1.4 L engine and "woody" pack dropped.
  • 1979, Front end facelifted. Hood now flat, no longer wraps down to bumper; large chrome (silver paint on Scooter) grille with square headlights.
  • 1980, Rear end facelifted. Squared-off hatch, wraparound taillights with black frames, turn signals built in with brake lights.
  • 1981, No changes. Pontiac T1000 - identical to the Acadian except for fender badges - becomes available in the US.
  • 1982, Diesel engine now optional (1.8 L Isuzu unit). 5-speed manual transmission now optional (standard with diesel). Painted exterior trim on Scooter changed from dull silver to dull black; 5-door Scooter optional for the first time.
  • 1983, Trim on regular model changed from chrome to black with chrome highlights. Bodycolor plastic end caps on bumpers. Chevette "S" model offered with red instead of chrome highlights. Chevette LS trim includes chrome bumpers, full wheelcovers, black-and-chrome trim around windows, deluxe interior (the last two, oddly, also available separately). No changes to Scooter.
  • 1984, "regular" trim renamed Chevette CS.
  • 1985, Scooter dropped.
  • 1986, CHMSL added, a separate unit at the top edge of the hatch above the rear window.
  • 1987, No changes. Final model year for U.S. Chevette.

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CATEGORIES (articles) > Donor Car Information > Chevy donors > Chevy Chevette history

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