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CATEGORIES (articles) > American Motorsport > Driving techniques > Feint drift rally driving technique

Feint drift rally driving technique

A feint drift is a method of shifting the weight of a car from side to side and inducing oversteer. This technique is very good for use in heavier cars or cars that are prone to understeer.

When approaching a turn, the driver should turn from the outside to the inside before the turn, then turn back towards the outside, causing the weight to shift to the outside of the turn. The driver should then turn back to the inside (usually at the point at which the corner begins), whipping the weight to the outside and causing the car to break rear traction and begin to slide. During the slide, the driver should control the car by countersteering and applying accurate throttle to carry the car through the corner. Upon reaching the appropriate moment for exiting the corner, the car should be straightened up and can carry on after the corner. Feint drift is also known as Inertia Drift because the inertia of the rear of the car is used to swing the car into a drift.

This type of drifting also lets the car mantain speed thoughout the turn.Also after taking the turn in this manner causes the car to accelerate faster.

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CATEGORIES (articles) > American Motorsport > Driving techniques > Feint drift rally driving technique

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