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CATEGORIES (articles) > Cars we emulate > Willys > Willys Aero

Willys Aero

Willys Aero were a line of passenger cars manufactured by Willys from 1952-1955. Lark and Eagle models were built from 1952-1954. A Wing model was available only in 1952, a Falcon model in 1953, and a taxicab in very limited production in 1953 and 1954. The Ace was the only model built through all U. S. production. 1955 saw two new models, the Custom and two-door Bermuda. Production in the U.S.A. ended that year as Henry J. Kaiser decided to give up the Kaiser and Willys Aero lines and concentrate solely on Jeeps.

Production was moved to Brazil from 1960-1972 with Aero, 2600, Itamaraty, and Executivo models.

American models were available with four engine options, the F4-134 Hurricane, the L6-161 Lightning, the F6-161 Hurricane, and the L6-226 Super Hurricane. Brazilian models were available only with the F6-161.

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CATEGORIES (articles) > Cars we emulate > Willys > Willys Aero

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